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Spine West uses the fluoroscope for a variety of reasons. Fluoroscopy, which is an imaging technique which utilizes x-ray, provides the ability to obtain real-time moving images of internal structures. These images can also be digitized and kept for review, as radiation dose is decreased compared to that of other forms of x-ray. The ability to have immediate access to imaging and films allows the physician to be able to make a quicker diagnosis as well as increase patient care. While performing x-rays, arthrograms or spinal injections, the providers at Spine West utilize the fluoroscope to ensure precise needle placement which enhances the quality of the injection as well as increase the safety of such procedures. Fluoroscopy can be used in many ways which enhance quality, safety and patient care.

Spine West’s uses for fluoroscopy include

  • “Live” imaging used for placement of spinal needles to ensure precise placement
  • Digital imaging for faster diagnosis (x-rays)
  • Ability to perform arthrograms which can be used prior to MRI procedures as well as for diagnostic imaging
  • “Cine” or real-time imaging available which is utilized to visualize instability with movement (dynamic studies)
  • Fluoroscopy-guided Injections

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Fluoroscopic Images