“Thank you for giving me back my life!”

“I have not been to a more caring and compassionate medical office. I have been referring everyone I know with an ache or pain. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the relief I have from my debilitating pain. I am so thankful for a pain free day!”

The following comments were provided by our patients voluntarily:

Dear Spine West,

“Thank you for listening with compassion and care. I appreciate the professionalism in handling my medical care. I felt comfortable and value the trust I have in Spine West.” – C.W.

“So helpful/thorough at helping me sort out complex symptoms and treatment options. Best Practice I have been to!” – K.S.

“I am extremely impressed with the responsiveness and care I am receiving from the doctors and staff at Spine West.” – C.P.

“Thank you so much for having such an amazing practice – run with wisdom, integrity & such professionalism.”

“Over the course of the last 6 months I’ve been in and out of many clinics and seen lots of doctors. I felt so taken care of by you during our appointment. I particularly appreciated your eye contact, your professional healing touch and your choice to meet me where I was with my own muscle/skeletal knowledge and lave me feeling empowered. Thank you for your exceptional care.”

“You are the best in the field & your patients are extraordinarily lucky to have your help.”

“I wanted to especially thank you for your kindness and support over this past year. It has really helped me with the difficult times.”

“Thank you so much for your efforts, which have far exceeded what most docs do. You have made a really important difference in my life & I am optimistic about the next phase.”

“Thank you for helping me. So far I have no pain in my leg.”

“Always appreciate the professional and personal attention provided by you and your staff.”

“I really appreciate all that you did for me and your true concern and caring attitude.”

“We thank you for your valued help, and care. You are making a ‘better world’ for you patients.”

“Thank you for all the kind care you’ve given me this past year.”

“My hip pain on both sides is mostly gone for the first time in four years. You really are the best.”

“I cannot possibly thank you enough for all of your above-and-beyond help.”

“Thank you so much for helping me be more pain-free with injections to my legs and bursa. Most of all, thank you for catching the herniated disk in my neck and being proactive. I have recommended you to many of my friends with back and pain issues.”

“Wanted you to know how very much I appreciated the expedient and caring manner your showed to my friend.”

“Wow I don’t know where to begin. Honestly, what you did for me is one of the kindest things anybody has ever done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and coccyx) for your time, thoughtfulness and generosity. Fifty is the new forty only because of you! Many thanks.”

“I can’t tell you what a night and day experience I’ve had with your office versus other offices.”

“Someone is doing something really right at your office. I appreciate it.”

“Everyone in the office was just superb.”

“On September 09, you graciously accepted me, on short notice, to see me. You were wonderful in analyzing my X-rays and needs and that day you administered an epidural shot in two places. I went onto the table a defeated human being and you liberated me from pain. I am grateful for your kindness and for your proficiency. Thank you for giving me back my health. My husband and I now walk two and a half miles to three and a half miles per day here in sunny Arizona. Thank you Thank you for your skills!!”

“Made it! Thanks to you. Horses great, scenery fabulous, food fattening, loved the trip. Where to next?”

“I wanted to thank you so much truly from my heart for the care you gave my mom. She has been absolutely pain free since and her spirits have soared! What a wonderful 80th birthday present you gave to her and what a wonderful 60 year wedding anniversary present you gave her too. Our whole family is tickled pink with having “mom” back!”

“I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for repairing my shoulder injury. I am amazed at how quickly the pain went away and I was able to return to my normal activities. I was quite skeptical that the physical therapy would work because everybody I talked to said that I would need surgery. Thank you so much for proving them wrong.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my appointments. Your easy going personality made me feel totally at ease. I have never had such fantastic personal care. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

“I am pain free right now in my shoulder for the first time in 2 years. Thank you very much! Spine West is the greatest.”

“I just wanted to offer my sincere thanks to you and your staff for going above and beyond the call of duty, offering very thoughtful and personal medical care.”

“Honestly, this was truly a great experience with your office.”

“I want to express my appreciation to the doctors and the entire staff of Spine West for an absolutely wonderful experience. After spending years in the CA HMO system, I truly felt pampered. You are a tremendous staff and wonderful people. You have made my entire week!”

“You do such supreme, tender and loving work. That is unheard of in the medical field.”

“You guys are absolutely wonderful when it comes to taking care of people.”

“Excellent and friendly office staff – GREAT physicians!”

“Everyone has been so helpful and thorough that I changed practices so I could continue to see them.”

“Going to the doctor should always be like this. Great experience! Thanks!”

“Can’t thank you enough for your interest and thoroughness!”

Dear Dr. Gronseth and Spine West,

I am a 68 y/o semi-retired orthopedic surgeon. My wife and I moved from Florida to Colorado in 2012. We enjoy hiking, biking and tennis. Unfortunately, I have extensive spine problems including four surgical procedures for neck and low back issues.

Approximately, nine months ago I was experiencing significant recurrent low back pain. I did not know any physicians in the area and selected Dr. Gronseth after review of his credentials and training. I presented to Spine West in Boulder. After a thorough physical examination he performed multiple lumbar nerve procedures called rhizotomies. As a result of these painless office procedures I have been pain-free for nine months. I have resumed all recreational sport activities and jogging.

Recently, I returned to Dr. Gronseth for evaluation of shoulder pain and hand numbness. Using sophisticated ultrasound equipment he was able to diagnose a shoulder rotator cuff condition and carpal tunnel syndrome avoiding expensive MRI studies and painful electrodiagnostic studies.

In summary, aging with bone and joint problems is not pleasant, but fortunately we have Dr. Gronseth at Spine West to help. I consider his training, communication skills, knowledge and technical expertise to be exceptional.

I have no personal, professional or financial relationship with Dr. Gronseth. As a matter of fact this is first and only written comment on the internet. I give permission to share my comments with anyone who is seeking health care. – Douglas P.

Dear Dr. Gronseth and Dr. Tobey,

I’d like to thank you both so much for the outstanding care I consistently receive from you and from everyone in your practice. I was very aware of your excellent reputation in the community before I became your patient 3.5 years ago (I did my research!). So when I recently starting experiencing a new spinal issue, I was happy and relieved to know I’d be back under your care. I am so grateful not only for your expertise in addressing my spinal issues, but for your staff as well. EVERYONE in your office, including both your medical and administrative staff, are always professional and knowledgeable–but equally as important to me is the fact that all of you are always so kind, caring, warm, patient, and compassionate. This helps me immensely when I’m feeling nervous about my condition and about procedures I’m undergoing. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! -Debbie G.

Dear Dr. Gronseth, Phil Rolfe, and the staff at Spine West,

This is just a note to thank you for providing me with such excellent, honest service. The care I’ve received at your clinic has been intelligent, sensitive, and fastidious. When I come into the office, I am always greeted warmly, and I love that I get a reminder call the day before an appointment. The ways in which you’ve helped make my care affordable and practical for my lifestyle and specific needs are unprecedented. In the past nine months I’ve been to many doctors and clinics; more frustrating than their inability to help me has been their inability to treat me like a human. Spine West has radically reversed this trend. I finally feel that I have found a practice that I can trust-where the staff are not only competent, but respectful-and truly committed to their patients. Again, thanks. Respectfully, Ali