Genetic Testing

Spine West has partnered with OneOme to offer its RightMed DNA test. Know which medication may work – before you take it. The RightMed comprehensive test, co-developed with Mayo Clinic, helps determine how you may respond to medications, based on your DNA.

What is the OneOme RightMed Test?

The OneOme RightMed comprehensive test is a doctor-ordered test that analyses your DNA to determine how you process or metabolize certain medications.

The test results provided to your doctor clearly identify which prescription drugs are – or aren’t – likely to work based on your genetic makeup and current medications.

Benefits Of The RightMed Pharmacogenomic Test

1. Eliminate trial and error to find the right drug
2. Prevent unintended interactions between drugs
3. Provide years of more accurate, personalized prescriptions
4. Save time and money

How It Works