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Physiatrists look at the whole person, including biological, social, psychological and vocational issues. Using a team-centered approach, our team collaborates with other team providers to promote patient health and prevent future injury. We are experts at diagnosing and treating simple and complex nerve, muscle, joint and spine problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote health, hope, function, and to prevent injury

Spine West offers high quality, patient-centered care by board-certified providers dedicated to treating the whole person, not just a single symptom or body part. Our emphasis is on a high standard of living, and we strive to "add life to years."

Trust, Care, Excellence

The absolute best care

for our patients

Our goal is to provide the absolute best care for our patients. At the heart of our practice is the importance of earning our patients' trust. Spine West's reputation for excellent care is built upon trust and "treating the patients like family."

What We Do For You

Restore Function & Maximize Performance

The team at Spine West diagnoses and treats injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. Our physiatrists and sports physicians are experts who restore function to nerves, muscles, bones, and the brain, focusing on non-surgical techniques.

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